Where Can You Find Free Pictures of Jesus Christ?

Where Can You Find Free Pictures of Jesus Christ?

Find free pictures of Jesus Christ on LostSeed.com, LDS.org and DivineRevelations.info. Stock photo sites, such as DreamsTime.com, StockFreeImages.com and AllFreeDownload.com, also provide images of Jesus.

Some Christian web sites offer free downloads of Jesus pictures. LostSeed.com lists two pages of images of Jesus Christ, some of which are screenshots from movies about the life of Christ. Photographs of paintings, sculptures and iconography are also included. LostSeed.com includes code for users who want to embed pictures of Jesus on web sites. The site also offers a link to a Jesus meme that uses images of Christ.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints maintains an online media library. The site LDS.org offers some images for free. The church stipulates that users only download its images for personal, home or church-related purposes. Browse the site through various categories, including Gospel Art, Christmas, Easter and Bible Images.

DivineRevelations.com offers 200 images of Jesus, but reminds users that only some of these images are available without copyright restrictions. Users can download the entire collection in one file. Pictures include portraits of Jesus, depictions of the Crucifixion and iconography. The site also features pictures of the famous Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Stock photo web sites offer a wide range of Jesus images for free; however, these vary in quality. DreamsTime.com offers over 65,000 images of Jesus. These include simple line drawings for children, reproductions of classic paintings and modern renderings of Christ. The collection of Jesus pictures at StockFreeImages.com includes clip art, drawings and photographs of sculptures. AllFreeDownload.com offers over 140 free pictures of Jesus, including t-shirt designs and icons.