Where Can You Take a Personality Test Quiz?

A free personality test is administered on the Internet at 16personalities.com. The test asks a series of questions and categorizes the participant according to 16 common personality types.

The 16 personalities test takes about 12 minutes to complete and asks the participant to answer each question honestly while avoiding neutral answers.

This test utilizes the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator for personalities. There are four general categories of personalities: analysts, diplomats, sentinels and explorers. Under each category, there are four different personality types with four-letter acronyms. Each one has a combination of four of the following letters: I, E, N, S, T, F, J and P. They stand for introversion, extroversion, intuition, sensing, thinking, feeling, judging and perceiving.

The last letter of the acronym indicates the dominant personality function, while the preceding letters determine the attitudes of that function.