Can a Person Change His Communication Style, for Example From Controller to Analyzer?


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People have the ability to shift or change their communication style in order to communicate effectively with others that have different communication styles. People with similar communication styles communicate more easily with one another. Shifting one's approach to communication is important in management, sales and marketing careers. To change one's communication style, it is helpful for one to know which style he is to begin with, a communication style quiz is available on ProProfs.com

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The four major communication styles are identified as controller, supporter, analyzer and promoter. The controller style is a leader and a doer. She has high standards and expectations of herself as well as others. The controller communication style is driven by results and is characterized as tireless in the workplace. To communicate with a controller, it is important not to take a disagreement or interruption personally and be able to move at a fast pace.

A supporter is characterized as a peacemaker, patient and a good listener. This type of communicator is most concerned with the people involved and is empathetic. The best way to communicate with a supporter is to maintain personal and informal contact, avoiding aggression and over-assertiveness.

An analyzer style is very methodical, organized and detail-oriented. When communicating with an analyzer, speak slowly and use logic and details to ensure effective communication.

The promoter is summarized as someone who looks at the picture as a whole and identifies possibilities. Communication with a promoter is most effective when he is questioned and senses an equal investment in his vision.

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