How Can a Person Not Be Annoying?

How Can a Person Not Be Annoying?

To be less annoying and more likable, a person should speak in a friendly tone, keep promises, smile, be genuine and pay attention. If a person thinks he or she might be annoying, it is most likely true. A positive attitude goes a long way in turning that around.

Most people want to be perceived as likable, and following a few simple guidelines helps to make it happen.

Step 1: Speak in a friendly tone of voice

Make a concentrated effort to speak deliberately and confidently, keeping the voice even. Avoid speaking too loud or too soft, aiming for something in the middle.

Step 2: Keep promises

Reneging on one's promises, or going back on one's word, makes it difficult for others to count on them when needed. A person is seen as trustworthy when he or she keeps promises.

Step 3: Be genuine and smile

A genuine smile goes a long way towards becoming less annoying and more likable. Be sure the smile is genuine and not forced.

Step 4: Listen attentively

When conversing with other people, be sure to listen carefully to what is said. Remember names and important facts in the conversation. A good tip is to repeat back what one hears and ask genuine questions.