How Can People Help One Another?


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People can help others by directly donating to charities such as the American Red Cross or Water.org, organizing a fundraising campaign to engage more people in the donation efforts, donating blood, volunteering at a blood drive or organizing. Other ways to help people include becoming an instructor through the American Red Cross and teaching classes that train volunteers on how to respond during disasters.

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As of 2015, people can donate money to the American Red Cross online, by sending texts to make a $10 donation to ongoing campaigns, or sending a check by mail. The organization lets donors join the Red Cross Champion program, through which they provide a reliable source of funding on a monthly basis. This program focuses on emergencies such as providing blood to hospitals, providing meals for families in emergency shelters and offering comfort to people in need. By hosting a blood drive, people can help the organization by providing a location, publicizing the event and recruiting blood donors.

Donations to Water.org allow the organization to run programs that provide people in need with loans necessary to access fresh water and ventures that seek to address underlying causes of water crises around the world. Water.org provides an option to donate money to specific projects and locations, but it encourages donors to make general donations to avoid administrative costs involved with allocating resources for specific purposes.

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