How Can an Ove Glove Be Cleaned?

Universal Images Group Editorial/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

The Ove Glove can be cleaned by simply placing in the washing machine. It is a brand name oven mitt that is made out of the same material as firefighting uniforms.

The Ove Glove is shaped like a traditional glove, but it is made out of Nomex and Kevlar. It features silicone grips on the underside of the glove that are used for easy handling of hot pots and pans. The company that makes the Ove Glove claims that it can withstand temperatures up to 540 degrees Fahrenheit. It is created to not scorch, melt or burn when exposed to extremely high temperatures for long periods of time.

When an Ove Glove was tested with other oven mitt options, it was able to withstand higher temperatures. While it is not necessarily a better option, it is able to stand up to the claims that it can withstand high temperatures. It does not scorch like a traditional mitt and does not melt like a silicone mitt. When it is exposed to an open flame, it takes around twice the time of a traditional or silicone mitt to ignite. It scorched while being exposed to the flame, but did not ignite for about one minute.