How Can You Find Out Who You Were in a Past Life?


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Methods for recalling past lives include the use of guided meditation tapes or scripts, purchasing a reading from a reputable psychic and working with a hypnotherapist trained in past life regression therapy. A combined approach, such as uncovering a past life through private meditation and then seeking a psychic reading or past life regression, often yields positive results.

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Many psychics offer past-life readings, but research must be conducted carefully before committing to one. Not all psychics are honest, skilled or trustworthy. Ask like-minded family members and friends if they can recommend a good psychic, and question the psychic about his experience. Psychic readings are a passive method of past life exploration. The psychic relays and explains information to the client about his past lives, but the client does not need to put forth any effort.

In contrast, past life regression therapy requires active participation. The therapist puts the client into a state of deep relaxation and guides him to a previous incarnation. The therapist helps the client explore his death in the past life and emotionally process any traumatic memories that arise. Individuals receive past life information in a variety of ways. Some people hear sounds, see images, smell scents or feel physical sensations very clearly. Others only experience vague impressions.

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