How Can I Find Out Who a Mobile Phone Is Registered To?

A quick way of finding out who a mobile phone is registered to is to use a reverse cell phone lookup service. There are several online services that offer this feature for free. People can also learn who a number is registered to by taking the more direct approach of calling the number and asking questions.

Another way of finding who a mobile phone number is registered to is to use a social networking service such as Facebook. Facebook’s search algorithm allows users to conduct searches using either a person’s name or the phone number listed in the contact info. If the mobile number is registered with a Facebook account, the search will bring up the connected profile. Searching with Facebook may not yield any results if there is no active member with the number.

Before using any reverse cell phone lookup service, tech experts advise that owners first evaluate the credibility of the site before volunteering any sensitive information. Some reverse cell phone sites are actually scam sites that rip people off by taking their money, either by failing to provide a paid-for result, or worse, stealing the credit card information belonging to the client. Reading through the reviews and checking the online rating of a site can help owners make a more informed decision.