How Can You Find Out the Meaning of a Dream?

can-out-meaning-dream Credit: JANIFEST/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

There are many online resources that help you discover the meanings of your dreams, including, and These websites give information about common dreams and different symbols found within dreams. is a comprehensive database dedicated to all things about dreaming and sleep. Under the Dream Information tab, you can learn about the sleep cycle and some of the biggest names in dream theory, such as Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. The Common Dream tab gives information on dreams almost everyone has, including dreams about falling, being naked and about sleep. The Dream Dictionary tab is an alphabetic glossary of common symbols that appear in dreams, while the Dream Bank tab gives links to common actions that occur in dreams.

On, you can go deeper into interpreting what dreams mean. For instance, snakes are commonly feared in the Western world and may be a bad omen to dreamers, but in the Eastern world, they have a more positive connotation and represent good luck. also gives tips on how to remember dreams and keeping a dream journal for more accurate interpretation. offers a search tool that lets you enter a specific term you dreamed about. The website also gives you access to an online dream log where you can keep track of your dreams.