How Can You Find Out About Your Guardian Angel?


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To find out about your guardian angel, take the quiz on HigherPerspectives.com that suggests who your guardian angel might be, or follow the advice from About.com that suggests using meditation to allow your guardian angel herself to you. Some businesses also exist to provide angel readings or help customers identify and contact their guardian angel.

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Many faith traditions believe that angels, spirits or higher beings exist to protect and guide people living on Earth. Some people believe that guardian angels are the spirits of deceased ancestors, some believe that there is a race of angels whose only task is to be guardians, and others believe that they may be specific figures mentioned in the Bible or other scriptural texts.

Mediums, psychics or spiritual guides are individuals who claim to be able to contact beings beyond the physical world, and some offer services to contact a customer's guardian angels and learn more about them. People who wish to contact their own guardian angel should, according to About.com, raise their personal vibration so they can communicate with angels more effectively. Raising vibrations can be accomplished by frequent meditation, positive thoughts and acts, a healthy diet, massage, and professional counselling to ease any past trauma. These actions are likely to create positive changes in a person's life even if they do not help them contact a guardian angel.

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