Where Can You Find an Online Version of the King James Bible?

Many websites provide an online version of the King James Bible, including KingJamesBibleOnline.org, BibleStudyTools.com and Gutenberg.org. Gutenberg.org also provides the King James Version for download to a personal computer.

The main page at KingJamesBibleOnline.org presents the books of the King James Bible as links so that clicking on a book in the list brings up the text of the book. Each verse is hyperlinked so that clicking on the text of the verse brings up alternative translations of the verse. Most pages on the site provide a comment box near the bottom of the page to enable readers to comment about a book, verse or translation on the site's online discussion forum.

BibleStudyTools.com provides a number of translations of The Bible, including the King James Version, The Bible in Basic English, the New Century Version and many others. The main page provides a search feature to help readers find a keyword or phrase within a chosen translation.

At Gutenberg.org, readers can read the King James Version online or download it to their computer in a variety of formats including EPUB, Kindle and plain text. Both the EPUB and Kindle-formatted downloads are available with or without images. Gutenberg.org provides thousands of articles, texts and other materials as well, many of them related to The Bible.