Where Can You Find an Online Gallery of Photos of Jesus?


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There are no photos of the historical figure of Jesus, but photos of statues and paintings depicting Jesus are available on stock photo websites such as Stock Free Images and Dreamstime. Many religious websites also feature artistic depictions of Jesus.

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Stock photo websites often have photos of statues and art depicting Jesus. Dreamstime has over 59,000 images of Jesus as of March 2015, including photos of statues, mosaics and actors depicting Jesus. The website also contains many drawings and paintings of Jesus. Dreamstime requires an account to use, but registration is free. However, some of the images cost money.

Stock Free Images also has photos depicting Jesus. This site does not require an account and has only free images. As of March 2015, this site had almost 2,800 pictures of Jesus, including photos of statues, mosaics and stained glass windows.

Religious websites also have galleries of images depicting Jesus. The official website of the Mormon church has images depicting paintings and statues of Jesus, as well as photos of actors playing Jesus. All images are free for non-commercial use. Divine Revelations has a gallery which claims to have 400 pictures of Jesus. Many images are drawings of Biblical scenes, but other images depict symbols related to Jesus rather than the figure himself.

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