How Can One Be a Real Man?

How Can One Be a Real Man?

One can be a real man through numerous fundamental traits, including responsibility, honesty, integrity and resilience. Emotional and spiritual development are also taken into account.

A real man lives fearlessly. While a man may feel fear, he acknowledges this and moves forward. He does not allow fear to conquer him.

Resilience is an important trait of a real man. A man must be flexible and reliable. If a major setback occurs, he withstands the pressure with successful coping skills. While a real man accepts what life gives him, he is not a victim.

A real man is honest about his intentions and feelings. He doesn't fight kindness or sorrow. He doesn't succumb to negative emotions. Instead, emotions are constructive.

A courageous risk taker, a real man contributes readily to his community.

A real man is humble and understands his strengths and weaknesses. He is ashamed of neither. He understands that there is always room for improvement. He is open to advice from others who have followed the same direction.

Integrity is another trait of a real man. He keeps any promise that he makes. He does not look just for personal gain, but also for the well being of others.