How Can One Find Non-Denominational Pastors?


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To find non-denominational pastors, visit a non-denominational church network website, such as 3Strand.org or Acts29.org, or visit USAChurches.org. These websites include directories of churches with links to each church website, which commonly list church pastors.

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To find a non-denominational pastor using 3Strand.org, click on the About drop-down menu at the top of the page and then on Our Churches. This page displays a list of all churches in the 3 Strand network. Click on a specific church name to go directly to the church website. A list of pastors is often available on the church website under tabs such as "About," "Connect," or "Contact Us." These websites sometimes give pastor contact information, such as an email address or phone number.

To find a pastor using the Acts29.org website, click on Find A Church and then search by location or browse networks by region. Click on a specific church on the map to view the church website and the name of the lead pastor.

To find pastors on USAChurches.org, click on Christian Denominations at the bottom left corner of the page, and then click Other Churches. Next, click on the Non-Denominational/Independent bullet and select the Non-Denominational/Independent Directory listings link. This page lists over 2,000 non-denominational churches. To find a church by location, enter search criteria on the left side of the page. Click on the church name to view information about the church, including the names of the church pastors.

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