How Can One Destroy a Yellow Jacket Nest in the Ground?

To get rid of a yellow jacket nest in the ground, pour soapy water into the nest’s entrance, or treat the nest with commercial insecticide. Treating the nest can be completed in a few minutes, but some insecticides may require additional time to eliminate the yellow jackets. The nest can be covered with dirt after it is treated.

  1. Wear protective clothing

    Wear a long-sleeved shirt and other protective gear before treating the nest, and work at night to help prevent stings. Using a flashlight with a red bulb is recommended to prevent disturbing the yellow jackets.

  2. Treat the nest with soapy water or insecticide

    Mix 2 cups of peppermint scented Castile soap with 2 cups of water, and pour the mixture into a watering can that has a long, thin nozzle. Pour the mixture into the entrance to the nest, followed by 4 cups of boiling water. If Castile soap isn’t available, use an insecticide that contains deltametrin or pyrethrum according to the directions on the product packaging.

  3. Close the nest

    Shovel dirt over the entrance to the nest after the yellow jackets are no longer active. Powdered insecticide may require allowing the nest to remain open for several days after the powder is applied, while soapy water works immediately.