How Can One Defend a Decision to Remain Childless?


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Voluntary childlessness, known as a childfree lifestyle, is a decision that is often made for social, financial, physical and psychological reasons, according to Resolve.org. From the lower cost of living associated with a childfree lifestyle to personal considerations, there are many reasons that individuals and couples alike may choose to remain childless.

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One of the most common criticisms against those who choose to remain childless is that they are selfish and suffer unhappy marriages compared to couples with children. Numerous psychological studies show that neither of these claims have a basis in reality, and childfree couples tend to be equally as happy as couples with children, according to Resolve.org. These studies also show that a high percentage of childfree individuals devote themselves to highly social careers such as education, social work and volunteerism.

For some people, remaining childfree is an ideological choice. In many cases, these individuals choose not to have children of their own due to concerns about global overpopulation and a lack of resources to care for the children who already exist. Others choose to devote themselves to humanitarian occupations in order to improve the world for underprivileged children, rather than having and raising children of their own.

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