Where Can You Find Free Numerology Charts?


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Find free numerology charts at NumerologyArts.com, ScientificPsychic.com and Smart-Horoscope.com. To access these free numerology charts, enter your full name and date of birth on each website.

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As the study and psychology of numbers, numerology assigns meaning to the relationship between numbers and coinciding events. Numerology generally focuses on single-digit numbers.

In the alphabetic systems method, numerologists assign each letter of the alphabet to a single-digit number and then add the corresponding numbers. If the resulting sum is larger than a single-digit number, the numerologist adds the digits of the sum together. She repeats the process until only a single-digit number remains.

Chinese numerology assigns a meaning to each single-digit number. For instance, the number two means "easy," and the number eight means "prosperity." In this system, certain number combinations are considered lucky because of their meanings.

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