Where Can You View the Number of Deaths Per Week in the United States?


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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's website, cdc.gov, has statistics on U.S. deaths in 2013. The site states that 2,596,993 Americans died in 2013; this number translates to a rate of approximately 216,416 deaths a week.

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According to the CDC, approximately 11,752 people die each week of heart disease. About 11,248 people a week die of cancer. 2,869 people a week die of chronic lower respiratory disease. 2,511 people a week die from accidents and unintentional injuries. 2,480 people a week die of a stroke or other cerebrovascular injuries.

The death rate in the United States is currently around eight per 1,000 population. The rate has been around that number since 2003. This plateau causes some scientists to worry that medical advancements have slowed too much.

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