How Can You Find Your Nearest Paint Disposal Center?

Some paint recycling organizations, such as PaintCare, provide a database of drop-off centers on their websites. Lowe’s also provides a search engine for local paint recycling centers. Some city and county governments post paint disposal/recycling information on their websites, as in the cases of Hillsborough, Fairfax and Marion Counties.

To search for area paint drop-off centers on the PaintCare website, type in your street address, city, ZIP code or state into the website search engine, and click the Search button. The website then pulls up a list of relevant hits that, depending on location, may include local stores as well as national chains, such as Sherwin Williams.

Search on the Lowe’s website by typing in your city, state and ZIP code. Using the checked boxes below the search engine, be sure to specify that you are searching for paint drop-off locations. Boxes are available for both latex and oil-based paints. Click the magnifying glass icon to see a list of hits.

County and city government websites often specify both acceptable and non-acceptable items. Note that some government hazardous waste disposal/recycling services only take latex-based paint under a specific volume. You can view a list of drop-off centers on the government website.