What Can Be Mixed With Jim Beam?

Jim Beam bourbon can be mixed with anything from lemonade and club soda to peach schnapps and cranberry juice. Additions to Jim Beam can dramatically change its flavor.

Jim Beam bourbon can be used to make a variety of mixed drinks ranging from sweet to sour. It can also be enjoyed straight up as a shot or on ice.

For a sweet drink, one ounce of Jim Beam can be mixed with 6 ounces of cream soda to make a Jim Cream. To make a Jim Beam Black Beauty, mix one part peach schnapps with a splash of cranberry juice and one half part Jim Beam Black bourbon in a glass with ice. For a drink that’s sweet and tangy, mix four parts lemonade with a splash of club soda and one and a half parts Jim Beam Honey. Add ice and serve.