What Can You Mix Scotch With?

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Scotch can be mixed with wine, liqueur, juice, soda, bitters, water and other liquids, as well as sweeteners, such as honey and sugar, and spices, such as ginger. Experts recommend using a double-malt scotch, because the complexity of lower-quality scotch gets lost under the weight of other ingredients.

One of the most popular scotch cocktails is the Tom Collins, which is scotch mixed with a small amount of lemon juice and served over ice. A Rob Roy is essentially a Manhattan that includes scotch whiskey instead of rye, mixed with vermouth, accented with bitters and garnished with a cherry. A rusty nail mixes scotch with Drambui and a few drops of bitters. For a blood and sand cocktail, scotch is mixed with freshly squeezed orange juice, cherry liqueur and sweet vermouth. A brogue cocktail includes scotch, Drambuie, lemon juice, honey and lavender syrup. A whiskey sour has scotch, lemon juice, a simple syrup made of water and sugar, and a maraschino cherry garnish. A UK sour adds cinnamon syrup, apricot liqueur and a red wine float to the whiskey sour recipe. A Mamie Taylor consists of scotch mixed with lime juice and ginger ale or ginger beer. The godfather has scotch and almond liqueur. For a rusty screw, mix scotch with orange liqueur and grenadine. A rusty nail substitutes Drambuie for the orange liqueur