Where Can I Get Help With My Math Homework?

Elisabeth Schmitt/Moment/Getty Images

There are many websites that help students complete their math homework and also offer lesson plans to help students understand their homework. Some examples of these websites are Khan Academy, Pinchbeck, the Scholastic Homework Club and Slader. Students can also contact a tutor or go to their teacher for private help. Websites like All Homework also do homework for the user and let them see the solutions.

Khan Academy is a website that has videos that cover almost every school subject. Most of the videos are designed to help high school and college students. It also has exercises to help students track their progress and see how well they understand the material. Pinchbeck, Slader, the Scholastic Homework Club, and other similar websites have solutions to math problems from textbooks that students can use to teach themselves the material. It is also always a good idea for a student to get a private tutor or ask their teacher directly for help. With this method, they will get hands on help with the material that they are struggling with.

Certain websites actually do homework for students. These can be helpful for understanding the solutions, but they usually do not teach the material to the students.