How Can a Man Become Feminine?

There are many methods a man can utilize to become more feminine, including waxing body hair, selecting feminine clothes or estrogen hormone treatment, as explained by the National Health Service of England. Permanent methods include tracheal shaving and gender reassignment surgery.

Depending on the type of feminine qualities a man wants to adopt, there are both physical and personality traits a male can acquire. A maternal nature, and cooperative and unselfish qualities are traditionally what western culture perceives as feminine, according to the University of Minnesota. Using body care products to make skin smooth and clear, wearing lip gloss and shaving make a man appear more physically feminine.

Estrogen hormone therapy, taken indefinitely to be effective, is a method used by doctors to help male patients feel closer to their desired gender. Hormone treatment encourages more fat growth on the hips, reduces muscle mass and develop slightly fuller breasts according to the NHS of England. Because hormone therapy does not affect the male voice, speech and language therapy is used to help a man’s voice sound more feminine. Hormone therapy may be enough to ease identity tension for men who wish be more feminine, as stated by Johns Hopkins Gender Identity Clinic. Permanent methods to become feminine include breast implants and facial feminization surgery.