How Can You Make Leather Shrink?

To make leather shrink, first soak it in hot water. Then, put the leather pieces in the sun to dry. Alternatively, dry the leather with a hair dryer for faster results.

  1. Prepare your water

    Fill a long-neck bottle with hot or boiling water to the base of the neck. Grasp the bottle around the neck, being careful not to burn your hand at the water level.

  2. Wet the leather

    Lay your piece of leather on a flat surface. If you are shrinking leather shoes, place them sole-side down. Spray the leather with the hot water until all the leather is saturated. Be careful not to wet the interior surfaces of shoes.

  3. Apply heat to the leather

    If you live in a hot climate, set your leather outside in the sun, and allow it to dry completely. For faster shrinking, set your hair dryer to its highest heat setting. Choose a medium or low speed. Turn the hair dryer on, and aim it directly at the surface of the leather. Move the nozzle slowly across the leather, holding the hair dryer about 4 inches away. Continue applying heat until the leather is completely dry. Repeat wetting and drying as necessary until the leather has shrunk to your desired size.