How Can You Lower Your Blood Pressure Quickly?

Joint Hometown News Service/CC-BY 2.0

Mayo Clinic indicates two or more blood pressure medications may be needed to reduce very high blood pressure quickly before kidney, artery and heart damage occurs. Healthline explains medications, losing 10 pounds, walking, a healthy diet, lower sodium intake and lower stress levels reduce blood pressure readings fast. According to WebMD, the fastest way to lower blood pressure is through intravenous medications known as vasodilators.

Mayo Clinic describes several classes of blood pressure medications to lower blood pressure quickly in patients with blood pressure more than 160/100 millimeters of mercury. ACE inhibitors widen blood vessels by preventing the formation of the hormone angiotensin. Beta blockers block specific nerve and hormone signals to the heart and blood vessels. Calcium channel blockers cause cells to relax by preventing calcium from reaching heart and blood vessel muscle cells. Renin inhibitors block a hormone produced by kidneys that signals high blood pressure.

Healthline states patients who lose 10 pounds start to notice a drop in blood pressure. People who weigh less have lower blood pressure and losing 10 pounds is a good starting goal. Walking for 30 minutes a day for five days is a good moderate exercise for weight loss. The Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension diet, or DASH diet, recommends people eat foods low in cholesterol and saturated fat. This type of diet encourages patients to eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy products. Reducing stress temporarily lowers blood pressure, and activities such as meditation and breathing can relax the body’s circulatory system.