Where Can the Lost Books of the Holy Bible Be Downloaded?

The lost books of the Holy Bible can be found at The Reluctant Messenger and Sacred-Texts.com. Each site offers a brief overall description of the lost books of the Bible and links to each book.

The lost books of the Holy Bible are books written by various authors regarding the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. These are noncanonical, and the authenticity of these books is not agreed upon by Christians. The Catholic Bible includes some of these works, though none are included in the Hebrew Bible.

The canon of the Bible was completed and agreed upon by the 5th century B.C. by the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Christian traditions. Whether these lost books were available for consideration at the time is not fully known, though contemporary arguments for the non-inclusion of the lost books are lack of direct reference to Jesus, non-apostolic authorship, and containment of unbiblical principles. There are also theological disagreements between these books and the canonical books of the Bible, such as disagreement about the divine nature of Jesus Christ.

The lost books are considered part of the heritage of Judaism and Christianity, despite disagreements regarding their authenticity and non-inclusion in the Bible. Some believe that early Christians read and admired some of the books, while other books were believed to be forgeries of sacred text.