Where Can You Find a List of Retired Beanie Babies and Their Prices?

Dominique Godbout/CC-BY 2.0

Ty.com features a searchable database of all of its products that states the retirement status of each Beanie Baby. Internet price guides, such as BeanieBabiesPriceGuide.com, offer suggested values, but the actual worth is truly based on what a prospective buyer is willing to pay for it on the secondary market.

As of 2015, Beanie Babies, in general, are worth considerably less than they were during the initial craze in the 1990s. However, if a Beanie is retired, difficult to obtain and in brand new condition, it may be valuable. The original tags being attached and undamaged play a major part of determining the value of a Beanie, as missing or worn tags reduce the value by 50 percent or more in some cases.