How Can You Find a List of Inmates at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility?

While Coffee Creek Correctional Facility does not provide a publicly accessible list of inmates, the Oregon Department of Corrections recommends making use of publicly available offender information. Use Oregon Offender Search and the Oregon VINE service to search for inmates by name or state offender ID number.

Oregon Offender Search is an online, public database of offenders currently held in Oregon State correctional facilities and institutions, according to the Oregon Department of Corrections. Searching for an inmate by name or state offender ID number reveals an abbreviation that denotes a specific institution in which the inmates resides. The abbreviations for Coffee Creek Correctional Facility are CCCF for medium security, CCCM for minimum security and CCIC for the Coffee Creek Intake Center. These records are updated periodically by the Department of Corrections and may not reflect recent changes.

VINELink provides limited information on offenders and correctional facility inmates at, the Oregon Department of Corrections notes. Users select the state of Oregon as the parameter for their search and then provide an offender’s name or state offender ID number. Information provided includes birth place, inmate status and current location. Coffee Creek Correctional Facility inmates are included in the records that VINELink accesses in the State of Oregon.