Where Can You Find Leo Horoscopes for 2014?


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Most online sites for astrology are limited to the current year, but websites that allow access to 2014 archives include Ganeshaspeaks.com, FreeWillAstrology.com and AstroAnalysis.co.uk. These sites offer free, generalized horoscopes, including those for Leo.

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An alternative is to contact one of the astrologers or sites that offer current readings, and ask for a personal horoscope for that year. Leigh Oswald from Astro Analysis wrote the art forecast for Artnet.com, the New York-based art magazine, for many years, and was also the astrologer for Harper's Bazaar magazine. She offers thorough personalized horoscopes.

Another popular site is Astrology Zone by Susan Miller. Her site has free monthly forecasts, with the previous month archived, and provides more detailed options for those willing to pay for the service. Susan Miller has embraced social media, doing Vimeo horoscopes for Television Four in Santa Monica, California, and fashion-forward Glamourscopes for The Scene, as well as holding an active Twitter account and offering personalized horoscopes.

One other resource is AstrologizeMe.com, a free site with horoscopes and information on both Western and Chinese astrology. This site explains the fundamentals and applications of astrology, while providing daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes for both versions. It also provides horoscopes for Leo dogs and cats.

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