Where Can You Learn to Write the Symbol for "shalom"?


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You can learn to write the Hebrew word "shalom" by consulting Hebrew language learning websites, such as Judaism 101, TheRefinersFire.org or TheJewishDictionary.org. Remember that Hebrew uses the right-to-left direction. "Shalom" is made up of four letters: "shin," "lamed," "vav" and "mem soft." Hebrew has no vowels, but instead uses dots and other symbols to indicate vowel sounds and their placement.

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It takes three pen strokes each to write the letters "shin" and "lamed." "Vav" requires two strokes, and "mem soft" is a single pen stroke. The website Judaism 101, also known as JewFAQ.org, has a good guide to letters of the Hebrew alphabet, or alefbet.

Be sure to add a dot above the upper right corner of shin, so that the letter produces a "sh" sound. Place a symbol resembling the English letter "T," called a "qamets," below the shin, to yield the "a" sound. The vav also needs a dot above it, to make the letter produce an "o" sound.

Writers of Hebrew text often use a calligraphy pen, so that some lines are thicker than others; however, the use of such a pen is a matter of personal preference. Some people place more emphasis on this characteristic than others do, and there is no truly right or wrong choice.

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