How Can You Learn to Not Take Things Personally?


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Methods to learn not to take things personally include focusing on the importance of the relationship, thinking from the other person's point of view, not jumping to conclusions, and taking adequate time to react. It is important to show patience and understanding rather than dealing with unnecessary hurt.

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When someone makes a hurtful comment, it can be taken as a personal attack. However, it is important to separate the person speaking from the words he speaks. Instead of shutting that person off, sometimes it is better to preserve the relationship by looking at the long-term picture and trying to understanding the point of view of the other person. Possibly he lacks social skills or is unaware of any hurt he has caused.

Additionally, instead of spitting out the first response that comes to mind, in most situations it pays to assume that a personal attack was not intended. Some comments can inadvertently cause offense, and it is crucial to recognize this and not assume the worst.

Finally, the most important method not to take things personally is to plan a response that addresses or asks for clarification regarding a poorly worded comment. This helps to take the emotion out of things and promises thinking clearly based on the facts.

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