Where Can You Learn How to Do an Astrology Natal Chart Reading for Free?

Astrolibrary.org offers free astrology lessons, including how to read a natal chart, as well as access to astrology blog articles and e-books. Astrolibrary's lessons include topics such as astrology basics, astrology glyphs, birth chart layouts, zodiac signs, and a comprehensive "How to Read Your Own Birth Chart" section, in addition to several others.

Astrolibrary recommends that beginners follow the astrology lessons in order. The first two lessons cover the basics of astrology and astrological glyphs, which are the symbols that are used to represent zodiac signs, planets and other important features of a natal chart. The next lesson explains the layout of a birth chart, which is followed by lessons on the 12 astrological houses and planets in astrology.

Lessons on rising signs, the zodiac signs and their classifications, and aspects and orbs in astrology are to be completed as well before moving to reading an actual birth chart. Lessons following birth chart readings focus on using astrology to analyze love and relationships. This includes the practice of "Synastry," which refers to comparing two individuals' birth charts to check their compatibility.

Alabe.com offers free birth chart generation by inputting a birth date, time and place. In addition to generating a natal chart, Alabe.com provides a brief analysis of the chart, which one may use for comparative purposes when learning to read natal charts.