Where Can You Find Irish Tartans Sorted by Family Name?


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Many websites that sell tartans and kilts list Irish tartans sorted by family name, including ScotchCorner.com and JakesDirect.com. Both websites offer the options to either purchase or rent a tartan, or purchase other Celtic-wear such as dress sporrans and rugs.

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Unlike Scottish tartans, there are very few Irish varieties, and most Irishmen wear the tartan of the county or province where their family originates. The word tartan actually refers to the pattern of the plaid, the crisscross arrangement itself. In Scotland, a cloth or blanket with the tartan adornment is called a plaid. Canada and the United States celebrate National Tartan Day annually on April 6th to show appreciation for the influence of their Scottish heritage, and typically there are parades of bagpipe bands and Highland dancing.

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