How Can You Introduce Kids to Doing Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy?

How Can You Introduce Kids to Doing Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy?

Ways to introduce kids to doing corporal and spiritual works of mercy include encouraging them to help siblings and to offer drinks to visitors. Additional ways to introduce children to acts of mercy include to verbally encourage them to help others and to set an example of doing acts of mercy by participating in the activities with the children.

Numerous charity options give children introductions to acts of mercy through service works and raising funds for charitable causes. Notable causes with meaning for children include Alex's Lemonade Stand and projects that bring clean water to third-world communities.

Children can learn the difference between corporal acts of mercy, those acts that provide for physical needs, and spiritual acts of mercy that address the soul. Children can participate in feeding the homeless by making donations to local food banks. They can also volunteer their time serving food at shelters.

Learning to live in moderation in daily life can teach children acts of mercy because they learn not to waste things such as water. Environmentally friendly practices around the home can teach children gratitude and the importance of conserving resources for those less fortunate. In addition, spending time volunteering with Habitat for Humanity or a similar organization teaches children acts of mercy.

Another way to teach children acts of mercy is to encourage them to visit the sick. Often, within a church community, sick people appreciate visits from fellow churchgoers. Children can learn mercy and compassion by visiting sick people in the community and offering friendship to those who suffer from physical illnesses.