Where Can You Find Information on the Use of Numbers in the Bible?


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Biblical numerology, which is the use of numbers in the Bible, can be researched online at the BibleStudy.org and CARM websites. Additional information on the study of numbers in the Bible is available in scholarly print articles, which are typically found at local libraries and universities.

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Many people study biblical numbers in order to discern important patterns in the Bible, and some people even believe that these patterns can predict the future. While some of these patterns are obvious, others are not and require in-depth research. All of this research makes up the field of biblical numerology.

The study of numbers is closely correlated to both the study of ancient languages and mathematics. In ancient Hebrew and Greek languages, every letter translated to a number. So each character had both a numerical and an alphabetical translation. In the in-depth study of biblical numerology, scholars dissect important words and locations by translating alphabetical characters to numerical ones and vice versa. Scholars also try to decipher the meaning of such patterns in the modern world.

One of the most significant number patterns in the Bible revolves around the number three. One, 10, 12, 22 and six are also examples of significant number patterns in the bible.

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