Where Can You Find Information About the Birth of Saint Michael the Archangel?


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Websites such as SaintMichaelUSA.org, AmazingFacts.org and MaryPages.com provide detailed information on Saint Michael the Archangel. According to Judeo-Christian belief, God created angels after the creation of heaven and Earth.

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An angel of special importance, Archangel Michael is believed to be the angel closest to God, and his name translates to "he who is like God." He is often depicted with a sword and is noted for helping defeat Lucifer in the battle for heaven. He is considered the defender of heaven and the protector of the Catholic Church.

Archangels traditionally serve as messengers of God’s word to humans. Michael is believed to have appeared to Moses, Abraham, Jacob and Joan of Arc. Christian belief holds that there are six archangels in addition to Michael: Chamuel, Gabriel, Jophiel, Raphael, Uriel and Zadekiel.

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