How Can You Incorporate a Ten Commandments Print Out in Your Sunday School Class?

To incorporate printouts into a lesson on the Ten Commandments, print out Ten Commandments bookmarks for children to color. The students may use these bookmarks to locate the Commandments in their Bibles. A coloring poster can help children remember the order of the Commandments.

Ten Commandments sometimes include pictures of the Ten Commandments tablets. Students can trace or copy the commandments on their worksheets. Print out flashcards to use in a game to help children remember the order of the commandments. Play a matching game with the cards, or challenge students to put the cards in the correct order as quickly as they can. Students can also write the correct commandments on blank, numbered flashcards.

Print out a chart illustrating the Ten Commandments to display during the class, and encourage students to use it to follow the lesson. Use folding Ten Commandment card printouts during a review lesson; fold them over to hide the correct answer. Encourage students to try to correctly identify the commandment, and open the card to reveal the answer.

Scrapbook projects can also help children remember a lesson. Give the students printouts of clip art and Bible passages that they can paste into their homemade books. Show children how to decorate each page with a different commandment, and use yarn and a hole punch to lace the books together.