Where Can You Find a Free Horoscope?


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Horoscopes can be viewed for free at the Horoscope, AstroStyle and New York Daily News websites. In addition to listing daily horoscopes for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, all three of these astrology resources offer a range of other related features.

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Where Can You Find a Free Horoscope?
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At the New York Daily News website, for instance, readers can find out their zodiac signs if they do not already know it, look up those of celebrities and even view the horoscope for their pets.

The Horoscope website provides articles and astrological guidance on love and dating in addition to its free daily horoscopes. It also provides information on tarot, numerology and the divination systems of other cultures, such as the Chinese and Mayan. For people looking for more personalized information, the website has a range of quizzes to determine love and dating compatibility.

At the AstroStyle website, users can view daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes free of charge. They can also browse more specialized horoscopes pertaining to love, jobs, money and family. AstroStyle offers information on the zodiac, Chinese astrology and numerology and a means of creating a free birth chart.

Many astrology websites offer email newsletters for users to receive daily horoscopes in their inboxes. Some also provide links to external websites that offer premium readings.

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