Can a Hernia Burst?

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Hernias do not burst. Hernias can rupture, growing larger until they have been fixed. Minor hernias can be surgically repaired with little difficulty, but the worse a hernia is, the more serious a health risk it can become.

If a hernia is not fixed, the hernia will continue to grow. This will lead to increased discomfort and more serious complications such as strangulation.

Hernias strangulate when too much intestine is pushed through the gap in the abdomen that the hernia creates. The blood flow of the intestine can then become or cut off, which can be a serious health risk. The patient will be in serious pain and also runs the risk of experiencing dangerous damage to this part of the intestine according to WebMD.

If left untreated, hernias can become so large that they contain all of the intestines and abdominal organs, leaving the abdominal cavity empty. This can be a fatal situation because if the organs were placed back in the abdominal cavity, the weight would push the diaphragm up causing the lungs to collapse.