Where Can You Find Guidance on Appropriate Designs for Prayer Shawl Cards?

Crafters looking for guidance on appropriate designs for their prayer shawls and the cards to go with them may find assistance from a local church group. Some churches host monthly prayer shawl groups where parishioners come in to go over ideas and work on shawls together. If the local church does not have this group, parishioners can meet with the minister to propose setting up a monthly meeting.

There are websites with directions on crafting prayer shawls and cards such as LionBrand.com. This site has a few free card designs that customers can download and print out on card stock. LionBrand.com also provides a list of sample messages to include inside the card once printed. The website provides a helpful list of Dos and Don'ts in creating the card. For instance, try not to give advice or use cliches in the card message.

Those looking for ideas for prayer shawls and cards can also turn to the Prayer Shawls for Fallen Soldiers website at PS4FS.org. The group provides a request form on the site for grieving family members to request shawls. This site provides sample card prayers and images of previous shawl designs appropriate for relatives of fallen soldiers. This can include a simple woven cross, the gold service star or a stars and stripes pattern.