Where Can You Find a Good Prayer for Grace Before Dinner?


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The prayers to be said before meals or the Grace can be found on catholic.org, dailyprayer.us and websites similar to lords-prayer-words.com. To make it a heartfelt and personal prayer, one that is said straight from the heart is always the most meaningful and carries more weight than a pre-written prayer.

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Where Can You Find a Good Prayer for Grace Before Dinner?
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The practice of saying a prayer daily before and after meals is observed very commonly among Jewish and Christian people. Also, the act of thanksgiving or saying Grace is observed by people in order to thank God for the sustenance that He has provided through the creation of plants, animals and other sources of food. The idea of giving thanks is seen as a way of imparting a blessing over the food that is about to consumed.

There are standard ways of praying before and after meals that are observed by every variation of Christianity and Judaism. There are some prayers that are also said differently and in variations during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Passover and other significant Jewish festivals. In addition, there are websites such as myjewishlearning.com that emphasize Jewish prayer specifically for fruits, vegetables, bread, wine or grape juice, grains and other foods such as poultry, seafood, dairy products and meats.

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