How Can You Be a Good Citizen?

Being a good citizen means being honest, respecting the property of others, not breaking the law and being informed about what's happening in the world. A good citizen takes responsibility for his actions and follows the laws of the land.

Good citizens help those who are unable to help themselves and have compassion for other people.

Good citizenship means volunteering and doing good in the community. A responsible citizen takes care of the environment and the people around him.

Being a contributing citizen also means being respectful of others' beliefs and feelings. Responsible citizens don't discriminate against another human being, regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or financial status. They are respectful of the rights of every individual.

The good citizen obeys the law and stays out of trouble. He is dedicated to making the world a better place and keeping the peace, which includes following rules and regulations that are in place for the purpose of safety and well-being.

A contributing member of a community takes the initiative to be responsible about learning about the history of his country, learning about the present and past leaders, and studying how he can better the society, land and people around him.