Where Can You Find Free Gideon Bibles?

Where Can You Find Free Gideon Bibles?

Gideon Bibles can be found in hotel rooms around the United States. Additionally, the Gideons International distributes Bibles throughout the world in a variety of other venues.

According to a statement by the Gideons International, their goal is to "distribute Bibles or New Testaments through designated traffic lanes of life, thus efficiently reaching a large number of people."

In 2014, the Gideons distributed upwards of 81 million Bibles throughout the world. This data can be broken up by continent:

USA: 11.6 Million Bibles

Central America: 6.8 Million

South America: 17.9 Million

Europe: 6.8 Million

Africa: 17.7 Million

Asia: 16.2 Million

Pacific Rim: 4.9 Million

The Gideons International began distributing Bibles in 1908. Since their inception, they have successfully distributed approximately 1.9 billion Bibles worldwide, as of 2015.

The Gideon Bibles find their way to their destinations through the volunteer services of Gideon members and their wives. There are more than 300,000 of these members who are involved in actively distributing Bibles across the globe.

Regarding the impact of the work, the Gideons International report that studies have shown that one single Bible placed in a hotel room is read by approximately 2,300 people during the course of six years. Research has also indicated that one of every four people staying in the room typically spends some time reading the book.