How Can You Fix Hair That Turned Green When Dyed Brown?

CareFair explains that there are home remedies that fix hair that has turned green from a poor dye job. CareFair advises always testing hair dye on a small area of hair before applying it to all the hair.

Clairol Professionals explains that green tints appear when hair is too porous and is dyed a new color. Overly porous hair does not have enough natural color to support the tone in hair dye, which results in the color becoming off-tone. Never dry hair that has developed green colors. Instead, immediately rinse the hair, and begin a color-correcting procedure. Green tints are neutralized by reapplying the hair dye with the addition of a neutral-based color with the same level as the hair dye. To remove green stains, mix baking soda with shampoo to create a paste. Apply it to the green hair, and leave it in for five minutes. Then, rinse it out with cold water. EC mode demineralization solution is a product that removes green from hair. Some other solutions for green hair are aspirin and white vinegar, alka seltzer tablets and water, powdered lemonade mix and shampoo, and tomato paste and shampoo. AllWomensTalk explains that red pigments neutralize green stains in hair. Accordingly, another solution for neutralizing green stains is to use a color-depositing shampoo or conditioner mixed with temporary red dye.