How Can You File a Police Report for Stolen Property?

Cliff/CC-BY 2.0

To file a police report for a stolen item, first make contact with the police department. Then provide the additional information the police needs to locate the item. Detailed information helps the police, and a thorough report makes insurance claims easier to navigate.

  1. Contact the local police department

    To report an item as stolen, call the police department as soon as possible. Some jurisdictions have a non-emergency number to be used for cases such as stolen property. The department will dispatch an officer to the location or will provide instructions for meeting with an officer at the precinct.

  2. Provide information about the item

    An item’s description, make, model and serial number, along with pictures, are important to include in a police report. Receipts, appraisals and other information to document purchase date and worth are helpful in insurance claims and need to accompany the police report. Provide as much information about the stolen item as possible.

  3. Provide details about the theft

    Tell the officer about the day and time the item was discovered missing. Include the last time the item was seen and its location. If any other items were misplaced or damaged, include that information as well. Providing names and descriptions of any people suspected of taking the item can help officers generate leads.

  4. Follow up

    Contact the police department if more information is discovered or if more items are found to be missing. Follow up with the detective in charge of the case as needed. Additionally, contact the insurance agency to find out if more information from the police is needed for the replacement claim.