Where Can You Find an Explanation of the Power of the Anointing?


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As of November 2015, BibleCities.com offers an audio teaching called "The Move of the Spirit: Understanding the Anointings" that contains an explanation of the power of the anointing. The audio teaching comes in CD format and is free with a $12 donation to BibleCities Christian Fellowship. A brief summary of the audio teaching is available on the website. The Christian Post also contains an article by Christian author and speaker Joyce Meyer titled "Your Anointing and How to Use It."

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God anointed both Jesus of Nazareth and his born-again children to carry out a purpose, according to BibleCities.com. After the anointing of Jesus, he began to perform miracles, indicating that the anointing granted him power. Born-again Christians may receive an individual anointing that grants a person the power to overcome a struggle, or they may receive a corporate anointing.

Christians receive a corporate anointing when a group of them receives a greater power that they can collectively use toward a single purpose. Some Christians believe, for example, that people can receive miraculous healing from ailments when a group of anointed Christians assembles in a location, releasing their anointed power of healing.

Another view on the power of the anointing holds that it enables the anointed believer to accomplish a task that God has called him to carry out without having to struggle through the task.

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