Where Can You Find Some Examples of Sunday Gospel Readings?

Where Can You Find Some Examples of Sunday Gospel Readings?

Examples of Sunday Gospel readings are available on USCCB.org, Catholic.org, WordtoWorship.com, AssociationofCatholicPriests.ie and BeingCatholic.org. USCCB.org, the website of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, provides reflections on its Gospel readings and includes the Gospel verses for daily and weekend masses.

Catholic.org lists daily mass Bible readings, including Gospel readings. Its online calendar links to Gospel verses throughout the liturgical year. WordtoWorship.com provides the scripture readings from The Lectionary for Mass and links to worship songs related to daily Bible verses.

AssociationofCatholicPriests.ie gives daily Gospel readings and offers ideas for homilies based on them. BeingCatholic.org provides daily Gospel readings from the Jerusalem Bible, with the option to view the Gospel in Greek alongside its English translation.

In addition to Gospel readings, these websites provide numerous resources for Catholics. For example, USCCB.org offers descriptions of each part of the mass and explains the significance of Catholic sacraments. It informs users about the order of Catholic funerals and describes the role of devotions in Catholic life. USCCB.org also lists resources for liturgical planning, including ideas for intercessory prayer during times of crisis.

Catholic.org enables users to receive daily mass readings via email. It also gives information on the saints, prayer and religious literature, as well as resources for celebrating the seasons of Advent and Christmas. AssociationofCatholicPriests.ie provides commentary on Catholic social justice, issues within the Catholic Church and news from the Association of Catholic Priests. BeingCatholic.org includes commentaries on Gospel readings provided by Jesuit priests.