Where Can You View Some Examples of Prayer Cards?


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Examples of prayer cards are available online from Prayer Card Pro, Memorial Prayer Cards and the Funeral Program Site. Prayer cards vary according to the wishes of both the deceased and the deceased's family. They always include the deceased's name, birthdate and date of death, as well as the name and contact information of the funeral home hosting the service.

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Many families choose to add a photograph of the deceased or enhance the look of the card with graphics depicting flowers or doves. The front of the card sometimes includes a stock image that reflects the life of the deceased.

Many prayer cards are outfitted with uplifting text that celebrates the life of the deceased. This text is often biblical; John 8:12, Matthew 11:28, Ecclesiastes 3 and Psalm 23 are frequently cited. Popular poems such as "Do Not Grieve For Me," "Fill Not Your Hearts," "God Saw You Getting Tired" and "Irish Blessings" are also regularly used to personalize prayer cards.

For families who do not wish to personalize a prayer card, pre-printed cards are available for sale through the Catholic Company's website. These cards range in variety and include prayers from the Pope and canonized saints. They often come pre-laminated.

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