Where Can You Get a Free Driver’s License Check?

piranka/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Free driver’s license history checks can be performed through the official Department of Motor Vehicles website for the state the issued the license, as well as through some third party organizations. Most states let a driver check the status of an individual license through a scheduled office visit as well.

Each person who is issued a driver’s licence also has a driving record created to track any incidents in which she is involved or of which she is the cause. This can include tickets, accidents, points against the license due to infractions and other traffic law violations. An individual’s driving record is used to determine if a license can be renewed each cycle and under what conditions it may be renewed. Some states require drivers with a poor history to retake a written or physical driving exam in order to renew a license.

It is also a key factor in determining a driver’s insurance premiums and coverage costs. Insurance companies view a driver with several infractions on her license as a liability, which means she is more likely to cause the company to pay compensation. This results in a higher premium to offset the future cost and, in some cases, complete denial of coverage.