Can Dreams From Sleep Come True?


Dreams from sleep can come true, although real-life occurrences of actual dreams rarely occur. According to studies, just over 30 percent of Americans report having one dream come true in their lives. More women than men report having sleep dreams emerge in daily life; some Americans experience one dream coming true, others none at all, and a few report multiple dreams coming to life.

Although over 30 percent of American men and women experience dreams from sleep coming true, the length of time between dreams and real-life experiences varies drastically. Some people have dreams that pan out just days later, while others dream situations and scenarios that occur years later. According to researchers from the New York Times, most Americans surveyed reported an average time of more than five years between sleep dreams and real-life renditions. A smaller but nearly identical number reported dreams coming true in one to five years after the dreams occurred. Fewer reported dreams realized within weeks and months after occurrence, while virtually no respondents experienced dreams coming true within one day after dreaming. In addition to varying in time, dreams Americans report coming true vary in content. Dreams include happy, anxious and frightening situations. Some dreams occur only once, while others unfold multiple times.